Brave Taliban Vietcong N.Koreans Fought Entire White Folk Military’s Nazi-like Occupations

By Jay Janson

White folks media tells the world that bad guys fighting the invasions, bombings and occupations of their beloved countries often appear to look brave for fighting against such overwhelming odds, when actually they are cowards harming their own undeveloped countries (former occupied colonies) chances of being helped by corporations. Economic power shift away from neocolonial empires will bring prosecution even of this media.

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“It’s Gonna Be Hell for You, But Heaven for Me!” —A Review of the Film The Act of Killing

By Michael Troncale

If Nazi Germany had won World War II, then German society would probably resemble contemporary Indonesia. It’s country whose new order was founded in a bloody nightmare, and even though most of the older generation knows it, they also know to keep their mouth shut. The young grow up ignorant of how their country was formed.

However, Nazi Germany was defeated, and the Germans have somewhat attempted to atone for their horrible crimes. Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany, and the German government provided financial support to Israel after its founding. It’s an incredibly weak gesture when one considers what the Germans did to Europe and beyond during WWII, but there is at least some admission of guilt.

The massacre that occurred in Indonesia for the most part from 1965-1966 is a topic that is taboo in Indonesia (as I imagine the Holocaust would be in Germany if Hitler had succeeded.) Those responsible for what happened live comfortably in Indonesia, never having to worry about imprisonment or atonement for the brutal violence that killed an estimated 500,000 to 1 million people (some estimates put the death toll even higher). Why were they killed? Because they were Communists, or just “to the left” of the political spectrum.

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One Man’s “Terror Tunnel” is Another Man’s “Great Escape”

By Joe Scarry, from Scarry Thoughts

Something keeps jarring me as Israel focuses on the tunnels in and out of Gaza.

At first I disregarded it, but when I noticed again and again that Benjamin Netanyahu keeps bringing the discussion back around to the tunnels, I started to think, “I don’t think that means what he thinks it means.”

Netanyahu is staking Israel’s relationship with the U.S. and others on the proposition that Israel can keep killing Palestinians, with the tunnels as a pretext. (See “Netanyahu vows Israel will destroy Hamas tunnels ‘with or without a cease-fire'” on

It occurs to me now that when Netanyahu talks about tunnelstunnelstunnels, he is playing to some connotation that the word “tunnel” carries for his home audience. Perhaps some kind of allusion to sub-human existence beneath the ground? (Unclean subterranean animals? Mice? Rabbits?)

Or is it somehow associated with the Israeli expression “mowing the lawn”?

Ironically, however, every time he says “tunnel,” I think “great escape.”

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Report: US to Give Air Support, Arms to Iraqi Kurds

Officials Had Previously Downplayed Chances of Arming Kurds

by Jason Ditz, August 04, 2014

Kurdish newspaper Rudaw is quoting an unnamed high-level American official as saying the United States has “offered the Kurds air support in their fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).”

Rudaw has been reliable on reports about the situation in Iraqi Kurdistan, and reported not only the air support, but other direct US involvement as well.

The official source who didn’t want to be named said that the US would also provide the Kurdish Peshmerga with arms and military expertise.

The American offer is said to include humanitarian aid to be transported by air to the people of Shangal and Zumar who have been displaced as a result of fighting in their areas.

This newspaper has also learned that a number of European countries have contacted the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with offers of military support.

There has been no confirmation from US officials yet, though former US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad appeared to by pointing the same way in an op-ed, saying the US has “authorized direct supply” of US arms to the Kurdish Peshmerga. Late last week the indications were that the Pentagon was not looking at arming the Kurds. The recent ISIS gains against Kurdish territory in the northwest could be changing their minds, however.

Maliki Orders Iraqi Air Force to Aid Kurds in ISIS Battle

Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki has ordered the Iraqi Air Force to provide air support for Kurdish Peshmerga fighters as they attempt to stall the latest ISIS advance in the nation’s northwest.

It’s the first cooperation between the Iraqi and Kurdish forces since the ISIS march into Mosul in June, and could portend a new effort at rapprochement between the two factions.

Kurdish forces have been scrambling to reinforce their position in Nineveh after a major ISIS offensive over the weekend ousted them from some key areas near the Syrian border.

The Iraqi military has at times come close to open warfare with the Kurdish Peshmerga over territorial disputes, and both sides are likely to offer aid only to a limited extent to one another. Still, that could be changing, as ISIS continues to gain territory against both, amid the growing recognition that the Peshmerga is not invincible when defending their territory from ISIS.

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The Repressed Assassin Kills Anything to Stay in the Closet: A Review of The Conformist

By Michael Troncale

“Why are you so hostile?”
“Because I am sincere.”

The above exchange of dialogue occurs about 3/4ths of the way through Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Conformist, his 1970 film, based on the Alberta Moravia novel of the same name. Taking place within the dark current of Mussolini’s Italian police state in the lead up to the disaster of World War II, it is the story of Marcello, a flunky who works for the secret police.

The first line of dialogue quoted above is from Marcello. He has come to Paris, ostensibly for his honeymoon, but is there for a much more sinister purpose: he has been assigned to kill his former Professor of Classics, who left Italy for Paris after Mussolini came to power (through democratic elections it should be noted) and has become a thorn in the image of the new Italy. The Professor’s constant criticism of Italy’s descent into fascism has been deemed a threat, and Marcello, desperately eager to please, conform, and be thought of as “normal,” agrees to kill him.

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US, UN Outraged as Israel Strikes Another Gaza School

10 Killed in Seventh Israeli Attack on a School So Far

by Jason Ditz

srael continues its war in Gaza today, and continues to hammer refugee centers at an alarming rate, hitting the seventh UN-run school of the current war this morning with a drone strike.

The drone strike landed in the street immediately in front of the school gates, killing 10 civilians and wounding dozens of others, including children who were clustered around the gate playing.

It was, as mentioned, the seventh school hit so far in the war, and the third in the past 10 days. The UN has been using the schools as shelters for refugees, and gave the Israeli military exact coordinates, in theory to avoid them being mistakenly targeted.

Instead the attacks are becoming so common that Israeli military claims of “accidental” strikes are no longer credible, and while Israeli politicians have tried to present the shelters as legitimate military targets, their constant targeting is fueling international outrage.

The United Nations termed the attack a “moral outrage” and a “criminal act,” and the usual Israeli Lobby expressions of fury at UN criticism are no longer as quick to follow up, nor as shrill.

Even the United States, normally up for whatever Israel feels like doing, is no longer dancing around such incidents, with the State Department statement lashing the Israeli attack as “disgraceful” and reiterating that Israel has to stop attacking civilians.

UNRWA head Pierre Krahenbuhl, whose agency runs the schools in question, pointed out again today that the attacks are a violation of international law, a fact Israel no longer seems to be seriously trying to dispute, even if it isn’t stopping them from such attacks.

For the civilians chased out of their homes by the Israeli invasion and crammed into a handful of UN shelters, only to find the shelters themselves targeted, the international outcry is unlikely to be much comfort, especially so long as Israel remains content to keep pounding them and shrug off the criticism.

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Gaza and 9/11: Innocent Bystanders? Legitimate Targets? Acceptable Collateral Damage?

By Joe Scarry, from Scarry Thoughts blog

I spent a long time examining the map of Gaza in yesterday’s New York Times. The narrow strip of land was oriented straight up and down on the page. The locations of casualties were designated with red circles. It looked as if the top of the page was glowing with fire.

Casualties in Gaza
View the interactive New York Times map

My eye kept traveling up and down the page, and I asked myself: what is this telling me? what can this help me see that I haven’t seen before?

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