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The Real Isolationists

By Chad Nelson Anyone living today knows the term isolationist only as a pejorative. It gained prominence during WWII as a way to slander Americans who opposed U.S. entry into that war. Then, as now, it was said that those … Continue reading

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[Faux News] United Nations Orders US to Give Manhattan back to Original Inhabitants

November 29, 2014 Story reported by Michael Troncale The United Nations has just passed a resolution ordering all residents of Manhattan who are not related to the original inhabitants of the island to leave. Ownership of the island will be … Continue reading

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Untitled Poem for Gaza

by Clarence James do you know why only innocents cry neither do i man neither do i then youll tell me who let killers go free its a mystery see such a mystery so at least wont you say when the … Continue reading

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Killing in Lieu of Surveilling

by Jim Bovard   Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles deserves another Pulitzer Prize for this superb cartoon.  Some people are singing hallelujahs over the Supreme Court’s recent decision that police cannot automatically search people’s cell phones.  However, the Supreme Court has done … Continue reading

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Get up, stand up! For a cause. In perpetuity …

by Doug Champeau For an hour on Wednesday evenings, Wanda joins a small cadre of protesters on the sidewalk of the busy Lake Street/Marshall Avenue bridge. They hold signs insisting that the United States get out. Get out Afghanistan. Get … Continue reading

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