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In Which I Deny the Likelihood of Climate Change

Syria’s foreign minister complains that the US tried to “create a very negative climate for dialogue” at “peace talks” in Geneva. I’m not sure how the climate could be anything but negative from the Assad regime’s point of view. After all, … Continue reading

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They Keep Using That Word, “Negotiate” …

… I do not think it means what they think it means. Back during the last round of US federal budget impasses, President Barack Obama repeatedly announced his willingness to “negotiate” with congressional Republicans — as long as they gave … Continue reading

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So, Why Is It …

… that the Obama regime, which has been an instigator rather than peacemaker in Syria,  insists that Iran — a regional power sporting long-term associations with two of the major players (the Assad regime and Hezbollah) — participate in peace … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart …

Back in July, we at Come Home America pointed out a number of reasons why US intervention in Syria was a really, really bad idea. Only half a year later, the situation has come down to conventional homilies on  “who lost … Continue reading

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UN Day Films – Gloating Faces, Libya Syria Destroyed, Somalian Korean Genocides Augur Nuremberg UN Trial

by jay janson The United Nations Organization was created  by the Colonial Powers;  for the Colonial Powers; of the Colonial Powers, plus a few dozen of their nominally freed colonies on October 24, 1945.  This past Thursday was its sixty-sixth birthday … Continue reading

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