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Putin, Obama Agree: Everyone Into the Briar Patch!

Since reading 1984 as an adolescent, I’ve remained perpetually amazed at George Orwell’s prescience. The Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald surveillance state strip-tease has recently focused attention on one aspect of that predictive acumen, but “we have always been at war with Eastasia” is … Continue reading

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Happy Presidents’ Day: Part of the US Empire Atrocities Tour

by jay janson Eminent historian Prof. Noam Chomsky of M.I.T., various times voted world’s most famous intellectual in international polls, has said over and over again, without provoking much negative outcry, “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would … Continue reading

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And the Award for “Most Dangerous Woman in US History” (or Just a Good Liar) Goes to …

… well, according to the Independent‘s feverish headline, Miranda Barbour — a “Craigslist killer” who has confessed to (or perhaps made up) at least 22 murders. If I were Barbour I wouldn’t be picking out a special pair of orange coveralls … Continue reading

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DRONE LOVE: If the Chicago Tribune Represents American Public Opinion, the Republic is in Trouble

by Joe Scarry It’s reasonable to ask what the titans of media who sit high atop the Tribune Tower think of the rest of us. Sometimes they let us know loud and clear.Everybody needs to read the editorial that appeared … Continue reading

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To Drone or Not to Drone?

by Joe Scarry Is it possible that voters in Virginia’s 2nd congressional district will be forced to choose between a “centrist Democrat” — who is also a retired Navy officer and just also happens to be a big proponent of … Continue reading

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