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Killing in Lieu of Surveilling

by Jim Bovard   Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles deserves another Pulitzer Prize for this superb cartoon.  Some people are singing hallelujahs over the Supreme Court’s recent decision that police cannot automatically search people’s cell phones.  However, the Supreme Court has done … Continue reading

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Anti-Empire Music: NSA vs USA

Musician Shahid Buttar is the executive director of BORDC and the People’s Campaign for the Constitution (PCC) .

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George Packer Is Good at Fellatio

[Reprinted with permission from editors] …But he calls it “journalism” by Justin Raimondo George Packer, resident egghead-journalist at the New Yorker – and Iraq war supporter-turned-“anguished” semi-recanter – is the latest “liberal” to turn his guns on Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald … Continue reading

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The Real Isolationists

Supporters of US military adventurism abroad often refer to their political opponents as “isolationists.” While it’s true that support for economic and cultural isolation can be paired with opposition to US imperialism and military interventionism, that need not be the case: Many … Continue reading

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Putin, Obama Agree: Everyone Into the Briar Patch!

Since reading 1984 as an adolescent, I’ve remained perpetually amazed at George Orwell’s prescience. The Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald surveillance state strip-tease has recently focused attention on one aspect of that predictive acumen, but “we have always been at war with Eastasia” is … Continue reading

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