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Blood, Treasure, and Soul: The Exorbitant Price of the American Empire

By Mike Marion It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but clear evidence can be seen at least in the aftermath of World War II. Some trace the origins back to 1898 and the Spanish-American War, or even … Continue reading

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A Layman Reads Obama’s “Targeted Killing” Memo

by Joe Scarry Now that it is available online, every American should read the┬áJustice Department memo approving the targeted killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki. There is a lot in the memo, much of it recitation of precedents, and teasing apart of … Continue reading

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So, How’s That Ukrainian “Revolution” Working Out?

More evidence that the Ukrainian “revolution” was really just a US-backed, US-funded coup d’etat: Pro-Russian separatists hoisted the Russian flag on Ukrainian army armored vehicles in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, mocking the pro-Western Kiev government’s attempt to reassert control on … Continue reading

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April 15: Funding the Empire

guest post by Grant Mincy originally published at the Center for a Stateless Society Tax day, April 15th, is a day of celebration in the United States. On this day we citizens of the great republic take pride in the … Continue reading

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Come Home, America: Bill Kauffman on how the Empire Corrupts the Soul

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