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A Positive Note on Egypt

One burden of being a non-interventionist is that it always feels like being a Negative Nellie — because, let’s face it, pretty much every aspect of US foreign policy is just plain 180 degrees bass-ackward wrong and has been for … Continue reading

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Foreign Intervention Undermines the Rule of Law at Home

Let’s cut the crap: There is no doubt whatsoever that the recent overthrow of Mohammed Morsi’s government by the Egyptian military was a coup. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Bupkes. A coup is “a sudden and decisive change of government … Continue reading

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US Meddling in Egypt: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

For decades, Egypt was considered a US intervention “success story.” In return for billions financial and military aid, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak made nice with Israel and suppressed Islamism. Then it all came apart, and US officials and diplomats … Continue reading

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Obama’s Silent Complicity in the Egyptian Crackdown

Kristen Chick reporting on the Obama Administration’s silent complicity in the brutal crackdown of protesters at Tahrir Square by the Egyptian military: In recent months, Egypt’s military rulers have become increasingly repressive – torturing with impunity, jailing bloggers, sending more … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring Gets Messy, and Even Messier for the U.S.

By William Pfaff (Truthdig) The 2011 Arab Awakening has put the United States in a situation of extreme difficulty, far from solution. After years of democracy promotion in the Middle East, and two wars and other interventions ostensibly producing it—while … Continue reading

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