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Canadian Vengeance

by Mike Reid, reprinted with permission. This is a sad day in Canada, presaging even sadder ones to come. Today, an as-yet-unidentified man shot a soldier near Parliament Hill, and then rushed further, armed and aggressive, into the halls of … Continue reading

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Poem – Nam: 40 years

By Alan Gilbert, reprinted with permission from Democratic Individuality For two other poems in this series, see here. *** One took his own life one drank his way out of this world one became University President mourning the women and children … Continue reading

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War Promoters Drown Out Dissent

“A mix of politics and mainstream media fear-mongering may be leading the US into another Middle Eastern war. From pundits with financial interests to politicians trying to look tough before the midterm elections, a chorus of war hawks is making … Continue reading

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Accept the Fact That You’re Livestock and Move On

A Review of Snowpiercer By Michael Troncale “What but design of darkness to appall?— If design govern in a thing so small.” –Robert Frost, from his poem “Design” “Soylent green is people! We’ve got to stop them, somehow!” –Charlton Heston, … Continue reading

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VIdeo: Joe Elder Talks Blowback and ISIS in Syria, Iraq (3:14)

Joe Elder, co-host of PaleoRadio, discusses empathy, blowback, ISIS, and why arming the rebels is not the best solution in Syria. “The enemy of our enemy is not our friend in this case.”

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BOEING: “Breaking Up Is (Is Not) Hard to Do”

By Joe Scarry, via Scarry Thoughts When I lived in Philadelphia in the ’80s, there were two related events in the business world that made me sit up and take notice. The first was the acquisition of a venerable Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Tavis Smiley: Dr. King’s Unfcomfortable Truth

By Kevin P. Kelly, reprinted with permission. “The reason I wrote this book is because Martin has been so sanitized and so sterilized that the truth about who he really was, at some point, is going to be irrecoverable…we have … Continue reading

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