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Don’t Confirm Brennan. Torture AND Drone Assassinations Are Illegal.

Senator Rand Paul is not the only one with serious questions about the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director! Many people are rightly concerned that the CIA Nominee failed to provide a clear answer to Paul’s question: “Do you … Continue reading

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What to Do after 11 Years of War? How About Occupying Your City Council?!

By Coleen Rowley with Nathan J. Ness While electoral politics tends to suck the oxygen out of the room (and apparently out of many people’s brains) in these last few weeks before an election, a number of U.S. citizens committed … Continue reading

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Time to “Speak Out, Not Hold Your Peace” about the Kellogg-Briand Pact Outlawing War

By Stephen McKeown and Coleen Rowley On July 28th 2012, Michael Wali, Megan Rice, and Greg Boertje-Obed entered the Y-12 National Security Complex at Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the pre-dawn hours by cutting a fence.  They hoisted banners, spray painted … Continue reading

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A long way from the Magna Carta to legalizing torture and “kill lists”!

Friday June 15, 2012, happened to be the 797th anniversary of the day certain feudal barons in England confronted King John and asked him to guarantee a “charter of liberties” which eventually became the Magna Carta. So it was an … Continue reading

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Militarization of the Mothers: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, from Mother’s Day for Peace

(Author’s note: Perhaps it’s a good thing I was late in posting this to run on Mother’s Day so it didn’t cast a pall over the sentimental celebration. But it’s not too late to think of next year! Given the … Continue reading

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